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     Baú Madeiras is an active enterprise in the wood market, supplying its products to important enterprises of the field. It works focusing on the necessities of the civil constructions enterprises, Resalers and Industries in general.

We work with the following products:

Pinus - Flattened S4S/S2S

Sawn Wood(Pinus elliotis and taeda): The sawn wood of pinus are unfolded planks of logs, specially classified and selected from the planting of seedlings, forest handling, extraction up to the final processing.

In Baú Madeiras the pinus wood is originated from its own reforestation and the pieces are carefully analyzed in order to extract their best qualitative and quantitative use. After sawing process the wood is sent to artificial drying in greenhouses that provide the optimal moisture, giving the best dimensional stability.

     The logs are cut in planks (boards) then in rulers and they are passed by the plane for the S4s improvement. They are sawns, planed woods with smooth surface in four faces. It is a product naturally resistant to decomposition and the action of insects. The quality is visible and sizes are uniform.

     Each piece may get to 100% of utilization. The planning is made under measure and the cut is in several lengths.


Pinus - Panels

Wood Panels(Pinus): Plate of wood produced starting from glued pickets. It can be finger joint or solid.

Among the main users of these plates are the civil construction industries, furniture and doors factories. Also it is largely used in the “Do yourself” activities.

Wood Beams(Pinus) two or three layers: It is finger joint or solid plank laterally glued, forming resistant beams, appropriate to be used as structures by the civil construction. The multiple gluing ensures a high load capacity.

We produce several levels of classification and quality.



Bookcases Wood:

Bookcase model 060102

Bookcase model 060116

Bookcase model 060122

Our priority is the quality of our products and the personalized service. We are sure that this is the way to obtain full satisfaction from our customers. One of our products will focus on the demands of your enterprise.
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